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We created Prima Tutor Connect to revolutionize the all-important relationship between student and tutor.

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Learning continues … in these difficult times, Prima Tutor Connect helps students and teachers maintain a solid educational platform so that learning takes place.
Great students. Great tutors. Finally … a platform built around the effort to try to match eager students with exceptional educators.
Fairness and transparency. Rates and fees that are transparent. Tutors are compensated based on what they charge students.
An all-new search engine … in an effort to try to create the perfect match between tutor and student.

Tutor? You’ll Find Students Who Are Eager to Learn … Plus You’ll Get Paid Fairly Thanks to a New Approach to Compensation …

Get paid exactly what you ask. No deductions. With the possibility to charge for prep time.
Work from anywhere! You have the flexibility and freedom to work online or in-person.
Prima Tutor Connect collects on your behalf so you don't have to chase down payments.


Remember … we created Prima Tutor Connect to try to provide students with access to the great tutors … and help tutors work with great students and get compensated fairly.