Tutor? You’ll Find Students Who Are Eager to Learn … Plus You’ll Get Paid Fairly Thanks to a New Approach to Compensation …

We created Prima Tutor Connect to revolutionize the all-important relationship between student and tutor.

Tutors can work with great students who value their tutors, set their own terms with the students, and get compensated fairly.

Students can work with amazing tutors and reach their educational goals.

Getting started is easy!


Start Your Application

Including entering a verification code (Please check your email or phone for the code and continue application)


Enter how much you want to get paid for each lesson type

Unlimited subjects or exams. Set your rates for prep time as well as lesson fees!


Complete your candidate screening with ESR

Once you reach the Congratulations page, check your email for communications from ESR.

Why become a Prima Connect Tutor?

You’ve probably looked at many student/tutor platforms. Or maybe you’re working with one right now. What’s the biggest problem? Some platforms take a huge chunk of your tutor fee … plus they lock you down with highly restrictive terms and conditions. And transparency from the platform? Forget about it.

Here at Prima Tutor Connect, we’ve totally changed the compensation model. You get 100% of the tutor fee that you charge students. For full compensation details, please go here. You retain your independence and work directly with the student/parent. No red tape. No bureaucracy. You set your own terms and conditions with the student. We simply connect you to students who will value your expertise.

Students can receive discounts … if you wish to book more lessons with the student and student purchases a package.

You set your own fee.

Tutors define their fees for lessons and prep time across all lesson lengths and subjects/exams.

Receive 100% of that fee.

Prima Tutors get paid what they ask based on their experience. No deductions.

Get paid for Prep Time

It's a lot of work to prep, grade, and summarize lessons. Choose whether you want to offer this service, and how much you want to get paid for it.

Customize for better results.

Tailor your own program to fit the needs of the student.

You’re in control.

You set your terms and conditions with the student.

Hassle-Free Collections

We collect the money for you.

PREP TIME … Makes The Most of Your Lesson Time

Our PREP TIME Program means tutor and students are totally prepared for each lesson. This means added value for students. And it helps tutors provide great lessons.

The Team Behind Prima Tutor Connect

The team that created Prima Tutor Connect includes parents and educators. One of the motivation behind this platform was the frustration on other student/tutor platforms. So, they decided to create a different platform … called Prima Tutor Connect.

This team has totally recreated the relationship between tutors and student … so students can have a higher likelihood to find the top tutors … and tutors can work with great students and be fairly compensated.