Prima Tutor Connect

We believe a great tutor makes all the difference. That’s why we help make better student / tutor connections. 

How Prima Tutor Connect is Building a Better Experience

The Vision

Students succeed when they find tutors that match their learning style, which is why Prima tutors have the opportunity to describe their teaching styles, personality, hobbies, together with their experience and education. And with the widest range of exams, we help students of any age aim for their goals. 

The Approach

Unique to Prima Tutoring is Prep Time, which provides students and tutors the opportunity to focus on specialized curriculum, homework, grading, etc. and compensates tutors for this work outside of the lesson.

We believe learning should be easy and fun. That’s why we’ve improved on what's out there by bringing together instructors on one simple platform. 

Our Story

Prima Tutor Connect was founded by a Harvard graduate who is also a tutor and parent and faced a real challenge getting help for her child in specialized exams. With busy schedules, she was sending endless messages to see if a tutor could teach what was needed only to be disappointed time and again due to the lack of ability to select tutors by specialized exams. Additionally, as a tutor herself, she discovered that many tutors who teach through online platforms were being paid much less than what they requested. And this didn't even account for the time tutors spend outside of the lesson to prepare curriculum, homework, grade assignments, and summarize lessons.

That’s when she created Prima Tutor Connect. With an extensive list of subjects and exams tailored to students from grade school to post-graduate and beyond, it makes it easy for students to find the tutors they need. All tutors pass a background check before becoming a member of Prima Tutor Connect, aiming for a safe platform for all users. Tutors have the option to offer Prep Time and be compensated for it, giving both students and tutors more options!

We are based in California and offer services across the US.

Student and tutors can take advantage of advanced filters such as:

Tutor Time Zone
Teaching method – In-person or Online
Tutor Educational Level – PhD, Masters, etc.
Student Grade level
Tutor Rating
Completed Lessons

Subject listings: 1,690 (subjects including AP)
Standardized Exams including State Exams listings: over 256
Foreign Language Proficiency Exams listings: 513

Our Diffference

For Tutors

Education Focused Services



Tutors are incentivized to do a great job because they receive 100% of what they charge students

Tutors can choose to be paid for extra time for time spent preparing for the lesson – before or after the lesson.


Tutors can leverage their degree as LLB, PhD, Masters, MBA, etc. as students can filter teachers based on various degrees.X
Tutors can select from a variety of lesson options: 30-45-60-90-120min.X
The tutors provide the cancellation window and not the company.X
Ease of sign-upLess

For Students

Education Focused Services



Students benefit from motivated and well compensated teachers.


Student can benefit from extra guidance before or after the lesson as Prep-Time


Students can filter teachers by degree level – LLB, PhD, Masters, MBA, LLB, etc.


Students can select from a variety of lesson options: 30-45-60-90-120min.X
Tutors are free to discuss with the students the cancellation window.X
Ease of sign-upLess