Disclaimer Regarding Background Screening

All tutors on the Prima platform are required to undergo and pass a background screening based on criteria according to Prima’s discretion in order for the tutor profile(s) to be active on Prima. Although we conduct this background screening process (colloquially known as a “background check”) for tutor candidates, we do not otherwise review and vet the credentials of tutors available on Prima. Therefore, we do not warrant that the background screening is completely thorough or that it guarantees complete safety to students, or guardians, or others. The background screening is limited in its coverage of local, state, federal, and international records, as well as other records. Although we are taking steps to provide users with some level of candidate background screening, students, guardians, or others should not rely on this background screening as the sole tool for ensuring safety of students, guardians, or others. Please see below the extent of the background screening required by Prima.

If a student or guardian, as applicable, wishes to conduct a more comprehensive background screening, the student or guardian must communicate the request to Prima, and the student or guardian is responsible for all costs and fees associated with the more comprehensive background screening, or a repeated background screening.

The following is the tutor candidate background screening process that tutors undergo and pass before their profile is active on the Prima platform:

SSN Trace / Address History Locator

A trace of the provided Social Security Number for given name match and address history. The trace also returns the year and state of issue for the SSN provided (when available), if the SSN is validly issued, and a scan of the Death Master Index File.

County Criminal Records History

A primary source search of the tutor candidate's current county of residence.

Criminal Insight (national)

Includes U.S. criminal and state sex offender records, OFAC, national and international watch lists. Includes validation of any county hits supported by identifiers at the source jurisdiction for the name performed.

The background screening is performed by a third-party professional background screening vendor, Employment Screening Resources, that can be contacted at the information below:

Employment Screening Resources (ESR)
7110 Redwood Blvd., Suite C
Novato, CA 94945-4141
Phone: 888-999-4474

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